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I love solving mysteries. These may be simple in form as a puzzle, or more complex as solving technical issues. Apart from solving mysteries myself I also enjoy teaching others how they can solve mysteries as well (and how to become more confident in doing this and sharing it). This is also the main drive behind this blog; to share what I have learned (and so you can learn from my mistakes).

I enjoy trying different programming languages as each language has its own strengths and weaknesses. When attempting to solve a certain issue my first target is to figure out which programming language would solve the problem most effectively.

A programming language (or tools) should not be a requirement, it should always be supportive of the solution. If you find yourself jumping through many hoops to make something work, try a different language (or tool); as it might already have the thing you are struggling with.


July 2011 – February 2017 CGI – Experienced Software Engineer

March 2017 – Current Macaw – Software Developer

More details about my career can be found on my LinkedIn page.

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